Sharjah International Airport Departures (SHJ)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Delhi (DEL) IndiGo CarGo 6E8691 01:15 04:44 En-Route
Sylhet (ZYL) Biman Bangladesh Airlines BG252 01:15 04:27 En-Route
Dhaka (DAC) Air Arabia G9512 01:15 Scheduled
Jeddah (JED) Air Arabia G91907 01:25 Cancelled
Dhaka (DAC) US-Bangla Airlines BS346 01:30 08:11 En-Route
Dhaka (DAC) Air Arabia G9518 01:45 Cancelled
Liege (LGG) Compass Cargo Airlines HQ117 02:00 Unknown
Lucknow (LKO) IndiGo 6E1424 02:00 13:19 En-Route
Kathmandu (KTM) Air Arabia G9536 02:25 16:52 En-Route
Amritsar (ATQ) Air India Express IX138 02:30 Unknown
Peshawar (PEW) Air Arabia G9554 02:40 Cancelled
Cairo (CAI) Egyptair MS967 02:55 04:20 En-Route
Islamabad (ISB) Pakistan International Airlines PK182 03:00 Cancelled
Brussels (BRU) Singapore Airlines SQ7364 03:00 Cancelled
Lahore (LHE) AirBlue PA413 03:45 09:47 En-Route
Mumbai (BOM) Air India Express IX252 04:00 05:28 En-Route
Kabul (KBL) Air Arabia G9718 04:20 Cancelled
Multan (MUX) Air Arabia G9558 04:45 05:30 En-Route
Peshawar (PEW) Serene Air ER752 04:50 06:04 En-Route
Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) IndiGo 6E1426 04:55 16:32 En-Route

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Flight Departures at Sharjah International Airport

Outbound passengers from Sharjah International Airport are dropped off at the ground transportation center of the terminal building.

Travelers should always secure their personal belongings and pieces of baggage before leaving their transport service.

Departing passengers are also advised to prepare their plane ticket, identification card, and passport upon entering the airport.

It is recommended for passengers to be at the airport 2 hours before their flight schedule.

Parking at Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah International Airport provides customer-friendly and convenient premium parking spaces for travelers.

The airport’s parking options include Premium Departure Parking and Premium Arrival Parking, both for short-term and long-term stay, and the Long-Term Parking Lot.

The parking rate starts at AED 95 per day. See more information about short and long term parking at Sharjah International Airport.

Transfer Services at Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah offers transport services for outbound passengers.

Car Rentals, Taxis, Buses, Coaches, and Ride Shares are available anywhere in the city.

There is no local train transit in Sharjah. However, it is accessible in Dubai, just a 20 to 30 minutes drive from Sharjah City Center.

Passengers should always check what is allowed in their hand-carry baggage and what items to bring in their check-in baggage. They should also secure their personal belongings before boarding and leaving the aircraft.

Rental Car Services at Sharjah International Airport

Local and International Car Rental companies offer transport services to Sharjah International Airport or any point of destination. See all rental car companies at Sharjah International Airport.

Sharjah has several options for Car hire companies to choose from.

Renters must comply with the following requirements: For UAE residents, a valid driver’s license is accepted; however, for all non-UAE residents, international and national driver's licenses are needed, and a completed transaction form.

Renters must be at least 21 years old and up. However, renters ages 25 and below may pay additional charges.

Renters must also return their rented vehicle to the designated Car Rental Drop-off Zone located in the Departures area.

Rental fees may vary depending on the chosen vehicle and car rental agency.

Ride Shares at Sharjah International Airport

Rideshare vehicles are only allowed to drop off passengers at the ground transportation center of Sharjah International Airport.

Local and International rideshare companies serve the airport; Uber, Lyft, Didi, Ola, and many more.

Passengers may book their rideshare in advance by downloading the company’s app or directly contacting the company through their hotline.

It is recommended that passengers should book the correct vehicle size based on the pieces of luggage they have brought.

Rideshare rates may vary depending upon the passenger’s chosen vehicle and point of destination.

Taxis at Sharjah International Airport

Taxis provide transport services anywhere in the metro.

They are primarily accessible in Sharjah city center.

Sharjah city center is 10km from the airport and can be reachable in 15 minutes via S131 and Khalid Bin Sultan Alqasimi Boulevard/S120 or Al Dhaid Road/E88/S128.

The estimated taxi fare from Sharjah Airport to Sharjah city center ranges from AED 50 to AED 85, depending upon the traffic condition.

Taxi fares may vary. More information about taxis at Sharjah International Airport.

Buses at Sharjah International Airport

Air-conditioned buses and coaches are Sharjah’s public transportation. They are available at any bus station in the city and are allowed to drop off passengers at the ground transportation center of Sharjah International Airport.

Hop aboard the two famous buses in Sharjah; the Mowasalat Bus and Air Arabia. Coach.

The standard bus fare in Sharjah is AED 8. Further information about buses to and from Sharjah International Airport.

Trains at Sharjah International Airport

Trains are not accessible within Sharjah.

The nearest railway transit is in Dubai, which is a 20 to 30 minutes drive from Sharjah city center.

Additional information about train services near Sharjah International Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Sharjah International Airport

Hotel and Non-Hotel Shuttles can only drop off passengers at the ground transportation center of the airport terminal.

Inbound passengers with hotel reservations may contact their accommodations for shuttle transfers to and from Sharjah International Airport.

Non-hotel shuttles or Airport Shuttles are also available to serve passengers of Sharjah Airport.

Note that shuttle rates may vary depending upon the passenger’s transaction with the service provider.

Other Services at Sharjah International Airport

Wi-Fi at Sharjah International Airport

Enjoy free and unlimited internet access at Sharjah International Airport. Without registration, you may connect your smartphone, laptops, and other devices to the Sharjah Airport “Fly-Fi” network.

ATMs at Sharjah International Airport

Automatic Teller Machines are available within the terminal building of Sharjah International Airport.

ATMs are in pre-and post-security areas of the terminal.

Currency Exchange at Sharjah International Airport

Currency Exchange counters are also available in the airport terminal. They are all located in the Arrivals, Departures, and Transit lounges.

Nursing Stations at Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah International Airport provides Baby Care Rooms for nursing mothers. They are accessible both in the arrival and departure areas of the airport.

Restrooms at Sharjah International Airport

Toilets are available in the arrival and departure areas of the airport terminal.

Food and Beverages at Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah International Airport has a food court that offers excellent choices of food hubs and popular global fast-food chains within the terminal building.

The food court is open 24 hours daily, serving menus from breakfast and snacks to dinner.

Smoking at Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah Airport is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the airport premises. Though, there are designated smoking rooms inside the terminal building. Anyone caught smoking outside the designated zone is punishable by law.

Lost and Found Section at Sharjah International Airport

Lost baggage or belongings are reported and taken to the Lost and Found facility of the airport.

For lost baggage without tags within the departure area, you may visit the Facilities Department on the First floor of the Departures Hall.

Please go directly to the concerned authority, Sharjah Aviation Services, for missing items at the Arrivals area.

For precious lost items like pieces of jewelry, mobile devices, gadgets, wallets, and essential documents, you may ask for assistance from the airport police.

Passengers may also contact the Lost and Found facility of Sharjah International Airport on the following hotlines: +971 6 508 1103, +971 6 508 1110, +971 6 508 1187 or +971 6 508 1156.

Your respective airline company keeps missing items while in flight or inside the aircraft. For further assistance, please contact your airline service provider.

Airport Communication Center at Sharjah International Airport

Information Desks are on the First floor of the Departures Hall, a lot of them in the different areas of the terminal.

Sharjah Airport Authority also launched a Smart Information Desk to enhance passengers’ experience in technological innovations. They are located both in the pre-and post-security area of the terminal building.

Smart Information Desk is a large touchscreen monitor that enables customers to communicate remotely with airport representatives for convenient and flexible access to airport facilities.

Pet Relief at Sharjah International Airport

Pet relief areas are not available at Sharjah International Airport. However, if you’re traveling with your pets, necessary permits are needed for animal transport through the AVI cargo facility.

Baggage Claim at Sharjah International Airport

The Baggage Claim Area is on the First floor of the Arrivals Hall.

The area has four baggage carousels, and free baggage carts are provided for easy luggage transport.

Disabled Passengers at Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah Airport provides accessible facilities for persons with special needs.

They also have a Medical Center within the airport terminal. Health Clinic and Pharmacy render services to all passengers, especially those needing special assistance.

Airport staff are also trained and equipped with emergency case first-aid kits.

There are also designated parking areas for disabled persons, which are located near the airport terminal building.

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